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Associate Editor



 Professor Mercy Mpinganjira (South     Africa)

University of Johannesburg

Editorial Board Members  



 Dr Maxwell Sandada  (Zimbabwe)

University of Zimbabwe

 Professor Steven Mago (South Africa)

Durban University of Technology

Professor Wesly Shu (Taiwan)   

National Central University

Dr  Sutrisno Hadi Purnomo


Universitas Sebelas Maret

Professor Pepukai Chitakunye (UK)

University of the West of Scotland

Dr  Edwin C. Idoko (Nigeria)

University of Nigeria

Professor Ritesh Patel (India)

Gujarat Technological University

Professor Mercy Makhitha (South Africa)

University of South Africa

Professor Seloamoney Palaniandy       (Malaysia)

Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur

Dr Norman Chiliya (South Africa)

University of the Witwatersrand































Journal Administrator

    Mr Eugine Maziriri

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