Preparing your manuscript

The type of article should determine the manuscript structure. However, the general structure for articles should provide: 

Title: The title phrase should be brief.

 List authors’ full names: (First-name, Middle-name, and Last name).

Affiliations of authors: (Department and Institution).

Emails and phone numbers

Abstract: The abstract should be less than 300 words.

Keywords: The keywords should be less than 10.

Abbreviations: Abbreviation should be used only for non-standard and very long terms.

The Introduction: The statement of the problem should be stated in the introduction in a clear and concise manner.

Literature review: In-depth theoretical and empirical literature should be provided

Research method: Materials and the research methods used should be clearly presented to allow the reproduction of the experiments/study.

Results and Discussion: Results and discussion may be combined into a single section. Results and discussion may also be presented separately if necessary.